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So what in the heck is all this?

This is my "photoblog" or "photographic web log".
All content on this website (including text, photographs, audio files, and any other original works),
unless otherwise noted, is licensed under a Creative Commons License.

This is mainly my picture dump for forums and chats.
By that im playing with pixelpost addons and themes.
So if something looks strange or doesn't work, just check back later.

Author and Webmaster:

Thomas Bonin
Besserstrasse 3
18273 Guestrow
email: tom ( ät ) click2 ( döt ) de

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Thomas Bonin (Anschrift wie oben)

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Monitor Calibration:

Below you see a bright and a dark stripe, each with 8 shades of grey.
If your Monitor is calibrated correctly you should be able to distinguish all the 16 shades
or at least the same amount of shades on the lower and upper stripe.
Windows users should look for the official (.icm) Color Management Profile
of their monitor manufacturer
and get a system tool for gamma calibration like "Adobe Gamma".
Mac users shouldn't have a problem at all as their hardware is usually correctly calibrated :D

screen brightness calibration

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